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Questor’s cosmology
We live in a world of many dimensions, some of serious import.
Three dimensions of Space, three in Time (past,present & future), and Four of Psyche (individual, collective, conscious - ‘ego’, & unconscious - ‘id’).
Logic argues of these there are corresponding alter-dimensions,
like matter, dark & anti-matter, absolute & relative time, non- time, -stasis (time perceived as a function of movement, without which,
- time is immeasurable -) & non being. These belong to the dominion at the boundaries of perceptions and imagination,
hinted at by our Bard,
“There are more things in heaven and earth,
Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”
Macrocosmic infinity and microcosmic divisibility
are irrefragable logical probabilities, for when one reaches the boundary of that which is finite, what is beyond? Conversely when one has divided all there is, what’s left can also be divided,
- logically- . The practical problems appear a matter of the limits of human imagination and instrumentation.
Every living and non living thing, first must serve macro and micro cosmic forces, and living things unavoidably obey them
on a sliding degree that is a function of birth, growing, ingestion, egestion, death, mutation, waking, sleeping & re-production,
Excepting the last, & much of life’s trivia, the room available for Free Will appears to exist at the elusive boundary of contra-predictive behaviour confronting contrary to fact conditionals, in a mutable present perceiving a finite set of possibilities governed
by a teleology that is powerfully believed to be personal.
Three Laws
of Logic
This web site is designed to provide those readers; intending to proceed with a claim while unfamiliar with the courts, some guidance on avoiding a few pitfalls following the inevitable asymmetry of information between themselves as perhaps lay claimants, and professional solicitors and barristers.
It is not intended to deprecate the genuine professional, except those who use the aforesaid asymmetry to abuse due process, present biased evidence, suppress truth (suppresio veri) and suggest falsities (suggestio falsi).
The author has been aware for some time, that lowering standards of evidence in court, have licensed unscrupulous solicitors or legal representatives to indulge in perjury, misrepresentation and all forms of Machiavellian ethics to either get a case dismissed, or else search for some CPR (Civil Procedure Rule) to bring the case to a close without having it properly heard.
A solicitor; unlike most barristers who
"display, rhetoric and proof to,
argument, logic and truth."

Commits such an act...
That blurs the grace and blush of modesty,
Calls virtue hypocrite, takes off the rose
From the fair forehead of an innocent love
And sets a blister there," (i) ***
On Wardens, Parking, Traffic, PCA,
Local Ombudsman, Abuse of Power ,
Local Authorities, Standards & Government.
The main case here reveals how Transport for London issued a parking ticket under circumstances that were remarkably invidious. The victim, myself, was out of the vehicle for the duration of traffic lights turning red, and then green, in a position before the lights, with a full lane of parking bays immediately behind.
No question of causing congestion at all.
The warden ran towards the vehicle, to issue the ticket, whereupon I re-entered the vehicle and drove off leaving my passenger behind as a courtesy to receive the ticket. Such circumstance as these (VDA) Vehicle Drove Away, require the warden to spoil the ticket that day. He was also not wearing his uniform.
Read how six people, and two office staff enforced the PCN while committing 6 offences themselves under the same law - RTA 1991 -. What did I do? Read on.
They weed our vices and let theirs grow,
Abusing our want of what they know.
Ignominy in ransom and free pardon Are of two houses: lawful mercy Is nothing kin to foul redemption.
All books are being loaded as from March 06. 2000 + already available. World Best Books Free, enables you to highlight, cut, paste or copy all or parts of texts to your local PC. There will also be a link to download the books as straight text files.
The books are all in the public domain, and as such are free from royalties. Some may be part of the Project Gutenberg, but the majority are from a personal library acquired over the past 20 years.
Many texts have been compiled using several FREEWARE tools, for which I am indebted to their authors. They are detailed on the links page of
Force of Destiny, top left link. A bulk file renamer, text to html converter, and file index maker were used efficiently. If you download the texts to your local PC, I strongly suggest you use the free program Copernic Desktop Search to index them all, and then perform Boolean searches from there on. Another indexing program I use, is X1, primarily for Emails, the fastest find there is, in my experience. Find an Email as you type the word, from 25-100,000+ easily. It is not free, but reasonable.
EU Enlargement

Shakespeare, William.
Useful information.
Time line. Comedies, histories & tragedies a 1616 (First folio 1623)
—The Cambridge Shakespeare (1863–66, 1891–93)
—The Globe edition (1866)Comedies, histories & tragedies a 1616 (First folio 1623)
—The Cambridge Shakespeare (1863–66, 1891–93)
—The Globe edition (1866)

This A-Z list contains the abbreviated forms used in the OED for the titles of Shakespeare's plays.
Any link will take you to the text for reading online / offline.
Left col for txt, Right fuller title for html

Time line from the OED

Shakespeare, William
Comedies, histories & tragedies a 1616 (First folio 1623)
—The Cambridge Shakespeare (1863–66, 1891–93)
—The Globe edition (1866)
Alls well, that ends well 1601
The tragedie of Anthonie, and Cleopatra 1606
As you like it 1599 or early 1600
The comedie of errors 1590
The tragedy of Coriolanus 1607
The tragedie of Cymbeline 1611
The tragedie of Hamlet, prince of Denmarke 1602
—The tragicall historie of Hamlet, prince of Denmarke (1603, 1604)
The first part of Henry the fourth 1596
—The history of Henrie the fourth (1598)
The second part of Henry the fourth 1597
—The second part of Henrie the fourth (1600)
The life of Henry the fift 1599
—The cronicle history of Henry the fift (1600, 1619)
The first part of Henry the sixt 1591
—The second part 1593
—The third part 1593
The famous history of the life of king Henry the eight 1613
The life and death of king Iohn 1595
The tragedie of Ivlivs Cæsar 1601
The tragedie of king Lear 1605
—His true chronicle historie of the life and death of king Lear and his three daughters (1608)
A louers complaint 1597 (at end of Sonnets 1609)
Loues labour's lost 1588
—A pleasant conceited comedie called Loues labors lost (1598)
Lucrece 1593 (1594;
The rape of Lucrece (1616)
The tragedie of Macbeth 1605
Measure for measure 1603
The merchant of Venice 1596
—The most excellent historie of the merchant of Venice (1600, 1619)
The merry wiues of Windsor 1598
—A most pleasaunt and excellent conceited comedie, of Syr Iohn Falstaffe and the merrie wiues of Windsor (1602)
A midsommer nights dreame 1590 (also 1600, 1619)
Much adoe about nothing 1599 (also 1600)
The tragedie of Othello, the Moore of Venice 1604 (also 1622)
The late and much admired play, called Pericles, prince of Tyre 1608 (1609)
The phnix and the turtle - 1601
- (in R. Chester's Loves martyr, repr. New Shaks. Soc. 1878)
The life and death of king Richard the second 1593
—The tragedie of king Richard the second (1597)
The tragedy of Richard the third 1594 (also 1597)
The tragedie of Romeo and Ivliet 1592
—An excellent conceited tragedie of Romeo and Iuliet (1597, 1599)
Sonnets c 1600 (1609)
The taming of the shrew 1596
The tempest 1610
The life of Tymon of Athens 1607
The lamentable tragedy of Titus Andronicus 1588
—The most lamentable Romaine tragedie of Titus Andronicus (1594)
The tragedie of Troylus and Cressida 1606
—The historie of Troylus and Cresseida (1609)
Twelfe night, or what you will 1601
The two gentlemen of Verona 1591
Venus and Adonis 1592 (1593)
The winters tale 1611
—— et al.
The passionate pilgrime 1599

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